An Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art

by Keith Mueller

Exhibited at the Marian Library: March 6 - May 12, 1995

At the early age of eleven, Keith Mueller began to study art. This life-long commitment to art is only surpassed by his dedication to Scripture and spirituality.

Through painstaking research, technique, and visual arrangement, Mr. Mueller appeals to the emotional side of the viewer, yet at the same time remains loyal to the historical details of the time period, such as clothes, tableware, and jewelry.

Mr. Mueller describes his desire to glorify the Word:

"One central theme in my Biblical pictures rendered in black-and-white pastel is the intervention by the infinite eternal Creator into His finite temporal creation, most fully and perfectly in the incarnation of His Word in the Person of Jesus Christ.

"The result of careful Biblical study, as well as extensive historical and archaeological research, some on location in Israel, meticulous attention has been given to the most minute contextual details.

"The primary focus of each picture is a particular moment in space and time C a crucial, pivotal turning point C in which a decision was made by an individual about the Person and work of Jesus, a decision which has implications and repercussions throughout time and for eternity, for everyone who has ever lived.

"As my own study has impressed on me the genuine humanity of Biblical personalities, candidly revealed in both their strengths and weaknesses, my intent is to portray them as men and women made of flesh and blood and sweat and tears, yet made in the image of God and the object of His love, its perfect expression in His only begotten son, fully Divine yet fully human, yet without sin.

"The pictures completed so far are the first of what will be (as God wills and provides) one hundred pictures on the New Testament and one hundred pictures on the Old Testament. Through visual motifs, connecting threads can be woven together which might not be as evident through strictly literary means. Old Testament prophetic typesCof both people and eventsCpoint toward their New Testament fulfillment, the Messianic thread woven throughout the fabric of the whole. Together, the two hundred pictures should create a comprehensive visual expression of God's will and work throughout the ages as expressed through His spoken, written, and incarnate Word."

Mr. Mueller has exhibited extensively on the East Coast. He lives in Athens, New York, with his wife, Marsha.


Moment of Truth: Joseph, Mary, and Jesus

Your Salvation: Simeon, Anna, and Jesus

The First Temptation: Satan and Jesus

The Teacher of Israel: Nicodemus and Jesus

Well Watered: The Samaritan Woman and Jesus

The First Sign of Jonah: Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Jesus

The Disciple Jesus Loved: John and Jesus

[Moment of
Moment of Truth

With A Kiss? Judas and Jesus

The Second Crow: Peter and Jesus

Eli, Eli: the Spirit, the Father, and the Son

In a Rich Man's Tomb: Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus

Blinded by the Light: Saul/Paul and Jesus

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