Beverly Wirth

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

"O Come, Let Us Adore Him"

c 1990
paper collage
40"   x   32"   x   1 1/4"
Original: $2500
Custom photo copy, framed: $350

"The Woman Clothed with 
the Sun and Crowned
with Twelve Stars"

c 1990
stained glass collage
24"   x   20"  x   1 1/4"

The Artist

"When the Holy Spirit draws me to a work, I invite Mary, Jesus, their Holy Angels and my favorite saints to be present with me. I ask their guidance for every decision concerning color, shape, design. Specific answers lead me onward from start to finish. I ask God to show me His good and perfect plan for my art. I ask Him to bless the work of my hands that it may be for His glory.

"We have a running dialogue throughout the creative process. When I cut paper, glass or fabric, I ask Him to cut a certain person free from a particular sin. Or I ask Him to heal or glue that person together in mind, body and spirit. After all, He healed me from brokenness through the collage process. He put me together piece by piece this way. What He did for me, I so intercede for others.

"Often God speaks synchronistically to me through Christian radio. At the very moment I am illustrating 'The Oaks of Righteousness (Isaiah 61:3), the radio speaks of trees as being central to God's creation. His voice confirms my course of action.

"During the making of A Rainbow of Roses — seven stained glass memorial windows — He caused my red rose bush to bloom the very day I commenced the red rose window. Several months later when I made the yellow rose window, the yellow bush bloomed. And in September, totally out of season, He caused my purple Azalea bush to bloom, just as I was beginning the purple rose window!

"Never is He nearer than during the creative process. The wonder of His Being continues to humble and amaze me, always".

Tel. (610) 436-4342

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