Melanie Twelves

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

The Annunciation

silk screen - serigraph
11" x 12 1/2"

"Tree of Life"

monoprint - lithoink
22" x 30"

The Artist

"All the images I use in my work are gifts from God. He is extravagant, and gives me hundreds of them. They reveal to me His perfect love for me as I journey down my spiritual path. I feel called in my art work to glorify God in a simple, direct and personal way. Most of my work is contemporary in style, but there is no sense of history in time or place. This, I believe, is due to the fact that the images reflect never changing eternal truths of God's love for His creation.

"There are several symbols that appear often in my work that may need my interpretation, but the viewer, I hope, will find his own. The upside down heart is the image of God's heart, open and pouring out. The image of two angels show God's constant protection and grace as well as a need for community. I am often seen as a wee babe or child in Christ, which I truly am in reality. The circular and egg shapes seem to say rebirth and safety. The words I receive are also part of the art work (titles). They are given to me during my meditations and prayers.

"The symbols that are given to me speak to the heart in a spiritual language. The head, or intellect, may follow. On any given theme I may receive ten to fifty images. Some of the themes I have developed into art pieces or series of art pieces are: Rebirth, Inner Healing, The Trinity, The Eucharist, The Rosary, Prayer, The Cross, The Virgin Mary, The Feminine Soul, and Reconciliation. The cross has become a major part of my work. I designed the stations of the cross and have a ministry and business making crosses and triptychs. Also, God has called me to use my art in a ministry to the women in jail and prison. If I were to describe my work in totality including all my journals to finished art pieces, I would give it the tide, 'A Love Affair with God'. Amen"

Melanie G. Twelves

2975 W BOIS D' ARC
Tel. (580) 255-6965

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