Christina Pereyma

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

Three Days Prayer with Mary

150 Hail Mary's - ink on rose petals
31" x 23"
$1000 (NFS)

Artist's Statement

"Three Days Prayer with Mary, this piece represents the fifteen decades of the rosary. The prayers are written on dried flower petals that came from roses that were given to me at the time of the blessing of my chapel. As a daily experience the reciting of the rosary can float on the wind, in this piece I am sometimes surprised at how small it looks and at other moments it is monumental. It is fragile but also resilient.

"As a general principle I believe that making objects is better than not making objects. Sometimes my work is simple or sometimes a parable depending on my momentary point of view. The work is fragile, impractical, useless, but generally necessary for the (my) greater good. My work pleases me."

TROY OH 45373

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