Survey for the Exhibit :

Images of Mary Contemporary Variations

You are invited to express your opinion about the artworks in this exhibit.
For a fair evaluation, please don't miss seeing all the works in the exhibit.
Please submit your three favorite choices in order of preference via the e-mail address below.

To select the three best works of art, please read these guidelines, then state briefly why you made the selection you did.


  • Does this artwork make a Marian statement? Does it express meaningful aspects about who she is in Scripture and/or Tradition?

  • Does the artwork explain Mary for people of today. Does it have a special appeal, does it help to attract people's attention and their interest in Mary?

  • What about the artistic qualities of the artwork? How do you view craftsmanship and excellence of execution? Is there a convergence between motif, art form and media?

Images of Mary – Contemporary Variations is a juried art exhibit sponsored in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of The Mariological Society of America (1999). Reproduction of the images in any form needs the express permission of the individual artists.

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