Janet McKenzie

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

Mother of Fairest Love

30"    x    54"
oil on canvas
excellent condition

Artist's Statement

"As a painter I feel I am simply a vehicle through which expression comes. My paintings are a link to my soul and speak in ways I cannot speak verbally. The spirituality that has surfaced in my work has come naturally and easily. My most spiritually-stated work feels most in harmony with who I am and with who I am becoming. I consider my paintings to be a gift of communication to anyone who is attracted to looking at them and takes the time to do so. I will honor the gift of my talent over the duration of my lifetime by creating the most honest, empowering and heartfelt work that I can. It is my hope that these paintings inspire and give solace."

P O BOX 144
TeL: (802) 723-4122

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