Jean Marlow

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

The Ark of the Covenant, Rev 11:19-12:1"

oil paint on hand tooled copper and wood
161/2" x 9" x 3 1/2"

Mother of Sorrows

oil painted on stretched canvas
40" x 28"x1 1/2"

Artist's Statement

"The study and practice of art, science and religion has been an indulgence of mine for many years. The scope of each field is very broad, and contains various amorphous components which are then twisted into a thread. The individual threads are beautiful, in, and of, themselves, but when they are woven, a single, unique, piece of fabric emerges. I'm not sure what the name of this fabric should be. Perhaps, it is, simply:.......'Self'.

"Any person with normal physical and mental skills can learn the crafts of painting, drawing, sculpting, playing a musical instrument, or writing a story or poem.....but, these skills are not 'Art'. Art manifests itself, utilizing these skills, through the spirit of man, and by the Spirit of God. After you accept this idea, then, and only then, will you recognize art when you see 'it'. In the course of ‘teaching art' I have tried to make my students understand that the finished product is a combination of mastering technical skills and directing creativity. A true artist will do both of these things. If you do not become master of your materials, you can never allow your mind the freedom to create.

"Along with the freedom of expression through art, there is a great responsibility. It's called TRUTH. You must be willing to turn yourself inside out, and then, allow everyone around you the opportunity to scrutinize what they see. You have to have something to communicate, .....something to share with others that comes from inside of the vessel filled with Precious Oil. Know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free! Truth is not always nice to see, but sometimes it is awesomely beautiful; the most awesome thing you can imagine. At other times, Truth is the Highest, of highs. Truth is a double edged sword. True art, simply, ‘Is'. Where do you get true art? It comes from inside of the seamless alabaster just have to speak it out loud;....on the canvas, in the musical notes, through the marble, or the written word. It is yours for the asking, but you have to ask for its truthfully and without isn't always pretty."

Jean Marlow

Phone: 806 352-5515

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