Sr. Durie Kim, FMI

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

"Cause of Our Joy"

December 16, 1997
acrylic gouache on birchwood
12"1/2  x  93/8"  x  1/2"
$200 (NFS)

Artist's Statement

"I am an example of Father William Joseph Chaminade's conviction that contemplative prayer can flourish in an 'active' Marianist religious community. Even though I had early training in it, art as 'work' never interested me, although I frequently sketch interiorly in prayer, the spiritual realities I understand. After learning the technique of iconography, as I wrote my very first icon, I experienced such a joyful spiritual fervor and attraction for this work that I was convinced God was calling me to write Mary's iconographic images to make her more known and loved.

"Cause of Our Joy is my tenth Marian icon. This icon was to be my Christmas gift to others in the form of a small card. I do not sketch my own idea of an icon face; rather, I prefer to copy the European originals that have been copied throughout the centuries past, because I believe the icon's blessings are passed on in this way. In this icon of Mary as Intercessor, the face of the image was older than I wanted Mary's face to be at the birth of Jesus, so, I traced the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe over it and opened Mary's eyes. The result of this inspiration is the icon of the Mother of God, Mary, Cause of Our Joy."


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