Alice Hertel

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

Holy Mary, Humble Virgin

Jannuary 1998
20"  x  22" (including mats and frame)

Artist's Statement

"Shape is the element of art I find most useful in achieving my goal, which is to direct the attention of viewers to biblical accounts. I begin by completely covering a picture plane with shapes applied entirely at random. After studying the under painting or drawing from all four directions, I am able to evoke a satisfactory composition. The mysticisms of prayer and meditation are proven necessities in my method.

"I grew up hearing repeatedly the wonderful, stories from the Bible, both in Sunday School and at the supper table when my Mother read to us. Other influences have come from a book by David Friend entitled 'Creative Painting', an assignment in college to write a paper about the surrealists, who were infatuated with chance happenings, and a statement by Herbert Read that the surrealists failed because 'they lacked faith in anything, Christian or not'."
MY PRAYER: For creating all that is seen and unseen, praise to you Lord God. For making us in your own image, and granting us creative energy of our own, thanks be to You. I confess my inadequacy in telling Your good news found in the Holy Bible, and pray that you will direct my hand in this effort to draw attention to Your Word. Bless those who will search these compositions, find evidence of your guidance, and so praise and love You more. In the name of Jesus my Savior, Amen

(I.E., 5510 N OCEAN BLVD # 107, OCEAN RIDGE FL 33435)

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