Robert Eustace

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

"Image and Mother of the Church"

 altarpiece construction - combined process
 25" h x 19" w x 2" d


Artist's Statement

"My current work is an ongoing extended series called AENIGMATE: Mixed-media works on paper/altarpiece constructions. These images likened to illuminated manuscript pages and icons, stem from my interest in Medieval, conceptual and narrative modes and pertain largely to Biblical themes centered around the Passion of Christ and the Apocalypse. The series title AENIGMATE means: 'At this present time' (being earthbound and limited in finitude) --to see and ascertain only the dimmest of shadows of what truly is and will be-like looking through a dark glass. I seek to convey something of the mysterium tremendum -or a visual approximation of the experience of awe, divine mystery and terrible beauty."

Tel. (732) 536-2430 (home)

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