Jerry Ellen Cannizzaro

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

Mary, Temple of the Lord

 January 1998
acrylic on canvas
 30" x 21" x 1½"


Artist's Statement

"I feel that God has given me a special gift, a natural ability for art. Mrs. Riley, my second-grade teacher, helped me to discover this when she gave me my first lump of clay. Working in Clay has remained my first love during the ongoing study of art, which has given me joys, struggles and new challenges. I've also been called to share my work and teach children to create their own art as they feel and see the world through artists' eyes, the later honored in my poem, 'Artists' Eyes.' (1997)

"Carpentry training at age four, by my grandfather, contributed to my love of structure and balance while drawing and painting homes and buildings. But, in the creation of a portrait, I've found the essence of the human heart and mind. I've discovered that the eyes are the door to the soul.

"In this portrait of Mary, for which my youngest daughter was the model, I hope I've captured the sweet innocence and beauty of a pure soul – one who reflects the anticipation, wonder and piety with a willing understanding of her call to serve as Mary, Temple of the Lord. Thank you to the Mariological Society of America for giving me the opportunity to share this work."

Bronze portraits in the permanent collections of the Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, California and the Music Department of the University of California at Berkeley.


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