Sandra Bowden

Exhibit showing - November through February 26, 1999

 Annunciation -
 After Fra Angelico

 mixed media with gold leaf
 25" x 20" framed
 $500 framed

Maesta - After Duccio

 mixed media with gold leaf
 20" x 25" framed
 $500 framed


Artist's Statement

Sandra Bowden has created a new series which focuses on images from western art history, re-creating each piece in etched gold leaf, almost as icons of western culture. The two following pieces are from an exhibition entitled, Art History 101: the Shape of Things. The artist writes:

 Annunciation  after Fra Angelico

"This piece is one of the scenes from the life of Christ which decorate the cells in the Cloister of San Marco in Florence. Each cell contained a fresco opposite the bed, to be used for contemplation. This tender portrayal of the Annunciation is a most loved piece of  Fra Angelico."

 Maesta Altarpiece after Duccio di Buoninsegna

The front of the Maesta is a blase of gold and color, a large, expensive, and impressive display of the wealth and devotion of Siena and her citizens. The exquisite Madonna and rows of svelte angels and saints are painted with a delicacy unmatched in the history of Italian art. This panel was part of the front section of the altarpiece and was removed from the high altar of Siena Cathedral. It is now housed in the Muse dell'Opera del Duomo in Siena.

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