An Exhibition of Contemporary Icons

An Exhibition of Contemporary Icons Re-Imaging Mary

by Rosemary Luckett

This exhibit was held from June 9 - August 1, 1997 at The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute.

Exploring the image of Mary and Jesus that Rosemary Luckett grew up with led her to a discovery of richly diverse images of Mary, other archetypal women, and the feminine face of God. Like Marian icons from previous centuries, these cut paper collages reflect figures and faces of women living at the time the pictures were made. By joining old images with the new, such as ancient Byzantine pictures of Christ with contemporary women and children from all over the world, the artist provides the viewer with multiple entry points into the pictures.

Traditional symbols of the bird, vessels, and angels are combined with the precisely cut photographic figures and small bits of lace or cloth. Each individual element in the collage retains its own identity, history and implications, at once contributory to and independent of the collage as a whole, thereby enriching the layered surface of the art work with multiple layers of meaning.

[She Shall Be Called Blessed]

She Shall Be Called Blessed
12"x21"x5" paper, lace, polychrome wood

On the one hand, these collages call to mind the scriptural stories in which God interacts with Mary and also the images of sacred motherhood made by artists throughout western history. Yet these contemporary figures of women remind us that women of today are also called to be bearers of Christ, to carry on the mission of Mary and Jesus in our own time.

By framing these paper collages in three dimensional "houses" or "shrines," the artist extends a two-dimensional collage into three-dimensions. The shrines are references to medieval altar panels, Hispanic niche boxes or domestic folk cabinets. They become vessels for the paper images, in direct reference to Mary, who is vessel to the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

Rosemary Luckett has exhibited in many galleries and art centers throughout the country, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.. She is a native of Idaho, but has made her home in Virginia with her husband and three children.


[Madonna of the Sheaves]
< Madonna of the Sheaves

18"x 27"x 5" paper, polychrome wood

Mary Visits Elizabeth >
20"x 29"x 4" paper, polychrome wood

[Mary Visits Elizabeth]
[Light Bearer]
< Light Bearer
22"x 36"x 8" paper, polychrome wood

Mother of Us All >
7"x 54"x 10" paper, polychrome wood

Mother of Us All]
[Spirit Woman]
< Spirit Woman
18"x 71 3/4"x 9 5/8" paper, lace, polychrome wood

Then and Now>
28"x 24"x 5 3/4" paper, polychrome wood

[Then and Now]
[Suffering and Transformation]
< Suffering and Transformation
14"x 61"x 4" paper, polychrome wood, broom

Mary Takes Her Son from the Temple >
18"x 26"x 3 1/2" paper, polychrome wood

[Mary Takes Her Son from the Temple]
[She hears the Cries of the World]
< She Hears the Cries of the World
14"x 21"x 3 1/2" paper, polychrome wood, metal

Gift Giver >
12"x 25"x 8" paper, polychrome wood

< Magnificat
17 1/2"x 20 1/2"x 3" paper, ribbon, polychrome wood

Madonna with Beaded Hair >
14 1/2"x 22 1/2"x 2" paper, ribbon, polychrome wood

[Madonna with Beaded Hair]
< Lamentation >
24"x 33"x 8" paper, polychrome wood
[Seat of
< Seat of Wisdom
15 1/2"x 23"x 6 1/2" paper, polychrome wood

Renew the Face of the Earth >
12"x 19"x 3" paper, polychrome wood, plastic

[Renew the Face of the Earth]
[Mary at Cana]
< Mary at Cana
23 1/4"x 24"x 3 1/2" paper, polychrome wood

She Said "Yes," >
20 1/2" x16"x 5" paper, polychrome wood, tiles

[She Said

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