s An Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art

An Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art

by Robert Lentz

Exhibited at the Marian Library: July 6 - August 27, 1993

Robert Lentz's icons, which now number over seventy, are a blend of the classical and contemporary.  His family's Russian Orthodox background, as well as a period of study with a master iconographer, supply two of the elements which have influenced his iconography.

Departures from the classical in Mr. Lentz's contemporary technique include using English and inclusive language on his icons, as well as using "witnesses" as subjects who have not officially been recognized by the Church as saints.

The icons incorporate varied cultures and ethnic traditions.  "The creation of icons and images inspired by ancestral spiritual traditions rises from the conviction that they can become a source of renewal and new life for many conventional religious traditions."  Accordingly, Mr. Lentz states: "[The icons] are much more than a picture.... It makes present something that is sacred so that the person worshipping has a mystical way of touching the divine."

Robert Lentz sees in "the spirit and beauty of the icon the expression of a common ground between spirituality, justice and a love of creation."  In addition, Mr. Lentz believes that the "painter must be in touch with the divine mystery for the painting to have soul."

One location where Mr. Lentz's work may be seen is Saint Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In 1988 he completed the reredos in the sanctuary after working on-site for two years.  It is composed of fourteen life-sized North American and South American saints.

Trinity Stores distributes Mr. Lentz's icons in various formats.  See their Web site at www.trinitystores.com
Address: Trinity Stores, PO Box 44944, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Telephone: (800) 699-4482.


[Mother of the Streets]
Mother of the Streets

Annunciation, 11"x14", photograph

Apache Christ, 12"x 20", plaque

Archangel Gabriel, 11"x14", photograph

Captive Daughter of Zion, 11"x14", photograph

Celtic Trinity, 12"x15", plaque

Christ Enthroned, 11"x14", photograph

Christ of the Desert, 12"x15", plaque

Christ Sophia, 12"x15", plaque

Christ the Bridegroom, 12"x15", plaque

Compassion Mandala, 12"x15", plaque

Crucifixion, 11"x14", photograph

Dorothy Day of New York, 12"x15", plaque

Juan Diego and the Miracle of Guadalupe, 12"x15", plaque

Holy Wisdom, 12"x15", plaque

Jesus Christ: Liberator, 12"x15", plaque

Jesus Christ: Pantocrator, 12"x15", plaque

Kateri Tekakwitha of the Iroquois, 12"x15", plaque

Korsun Mother of God, 11"x14", photograph

Lion of Judah, 12"x15", plaque

The Meeting of St. Francis and St. Clare, 12"x15", plaque

Mother Jones of America, 11"x14", photograph

Mother of God: Mother of the Streets, 12"x15", plaque

Mother of God: Perpetual Help, 12"x15", plaque

Mother of God: Protectress of the Oppressed, 11"x14", photograph

Mother of the Disappeared, 12"x15", plaque

Navaho Madonna, 12"x15", plaque

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 11"x14", photograph

Oscar Romero of El Salvador, 12"x15", plaque

St. Joseph of Nazareth, 12"x15", plaque

St. Louise de Marillac, 12"x15", plaque

St. Mary Magdalene, 12"x15", plaque

St. Rose of Lima, 11"x14", photograph

St. Teresa of Avila, 11"x14", photograph

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