Marian Art Exhibition of Fabric Relief Sculpture

Marian Art Exhibition of Fabric Relief Sculpture

by Margaret Hays

Exhibited at the Marian Library: March 8- April 30, 1993

Margaret Hays, of Mill Creek, Washington, has displayed her fabric relief sculpture throughout the country, including Seattle University (1992); A.P. Tell Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona (1991); and the American Quilter's Society Annual Show, Paducah, Kentucky (1990).

She has received many awards, notably from the Pacific Northwest Needle Arts Guild, Seattle, Washington; Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, Washington; and Mercer Island Visual Arts League, Mercer Island, Washington.

Recent commissions include St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church in Lynnwood, Washington; St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Port Angeles, Washington; and Mill Creek Public Library, Mill Creek, Washington.


"I have chosen fabric as my medium of expression because it feels good, smells good, and looks good from the moment I start work till the moment I finish. I also love it because I have total mastery over its basic tool, a needle. I do not remember a time I could not use a needle. I especially enjoy the directness of the medium, where all changes in the fabric come directly from my hands. I concentrate on rich, sensuous, vigorously colored, 'irresistible to the touch,' fabrics.

"The skills of my hands are a gift from God, and I hope the work they produce will speak to others.

The icons began after a visit to Russia, where I was able to see them in their natural setting. I found them most moving and discovered the concept translates into fabric in a most magical way. Because of their small scale, I can make each icon into a precious jewel with infinite possibilities for embellishment. Ideas and the perfect fabrics to produce them seem to keep multiplying.

"The large madonnas were inspired by Mexican religious folk art. I respond especially to the monumental proportions, ornate halos, strong colors, and naivety. 'Eleven Madonnas' contains xerox copies of ten years of my personal Christmas cards and usually hangs as the centerpiece in my studio."


Eleven Madonnas 50" x 48"

The Holy Spirit 16.5" x 32"

Icon #8 14" x 21"

Icon #9 31" x 24"

Icon #13 17" x 24"

Icon #14 14.5" x 21.5"

Icon #17 18" x 27"

Icon #19 18" x 26"

Icon #20 18" x 26"

Icon #21 20" x 26"

[Icon #18]
Icon #18

 Icon #22 19.5" x 25"

 Icon #23 19" x 28.5"

 Icon #24 15.5" x 24"

 La Madre de Dios 36" x 52"

 Reina del Cielo 33" x 51"

 The Serpent Beguiled Me and I Did Eat 35" x 46"

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