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Mary – A Different Look

Mixed Media

Tom Dusterberg

June 1 - July 15, 2000


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are copyrighted by
the artist.


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[A Father's Love] [Body of Christ] [Clergy Contemplate Death] [Mother and Child]
A Father's Love
oil on canvas
Body of Christ
sculpture, painted wood
Clergy Contemplate Death
Mother and Child
[Humility] [Love of Neighbor] [Spirit of Poverty] [The Will of God]
Joyful Mystery 1 - Humility
watercolor, pencil
Joyful Mystery 2 - Love of Neighbor
watercolor, pencil
Joyful Mystery 3 - Spirit of Poverty
watercolor, pencil
Joyful Mystery 4 - The Will of God
watercolor, pencil
[Fidelity] [Found By the Light] [Merton Memorial] [Mindful of Him]
Joyful Mystery 5 - Fidelity
Watercolor, pencil
Found By the Light
watercolor, pencil
Merton Memorial
Mindful of Him
watercolor, pencil
[Queen of Poets/Mystics] [Mother Behold] [Spirit] [Suicide]
Mary, Queen of Poets and Mystics
Mother Behold Your Son
watercolor, gesso
colored print
[Storm of Souls]
[Virgin and Child] Call 937-229-4214 for further information.
Storm of Souls
oil on canvas
Virgin and Child
sculpture, painted wood

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