The Annunciation

When Gabriel visits Mary with the Announcement that God has chosen her to bear His Son, in His hands are symbolic objects of some of the accompanying meanings.

In his left hand is a pear, a symbol for "the Incarnate Christ, in allusion to His love for mankind."

In His right hand He holds the Iris, "flower of the Virgin ... this stems from the name which means sword lily which was in reference to the sorrow of the Virgin. "The narcissus ... is sometimes used to show the triumph of Divine love, sacrifice, and eternal life over death, selfishness and sin."

There is a dove in the halo behind Mary as she kneels, reaches up to receive all that God desires of her.

Gold symbolizes the Glory of God and Christian power; blue: heaven and heavenly love, the truth; purple: royalty; white: innocence, purity, holiness of life, and light.

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