When Words Become Pictures

Date of Exhibit January 15 - March 30, 2008

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Ann Bain was commissioned by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute to capture Mary’s biblical words in calligraphy. She pondered the texts and filled them with light and movement. Her images sing. Ann writes, “Words are important and must be carefully used. When written down they become real, legible, and exact, allowing remembrance, imagination, and wonder.” In her statement concerning the works, she adds, “I designed the composition as a continuum, each piece an individual painting, but with a lead-in to the next one, so that when the ten were lined up together, you would see the quotations flowing from one to the next, as in the timeline of biblical history.”

Her works are layered with text, vibrant colors, symbols, and surprises. She uses several calligraphy styles within each piece. These texts set forth the Church’s remembrance of Mary’s voice in text. Though there is a unity to the ten works, each has its unique vibrancy which echoes how scriptural texts need to be pondered at length to discover all the nuances. As Ann explains, “In turning content into form, my intention for my art is to call attention, to clarify, to aspire, to inspire. As Edith Wharton wrote: “There are two ways of spreading the light; To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.’”

Ann Bain’s works can be viewed at The Marian Library Gallery until March 30, 2008. Join us at The Marian Library on February 14 at 7pm for a public reception for the artist.


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