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You will find in this Gallery a retrospective of all the exhibits
organized by The Marian Library since 1988-1989.

Ecce Mater Tua
(Behold Thy Mother)

Contemporary Marian Sculpture
by Sister Evangeline Doyle, O.P.

An Exhibition of Religious Art
by Dorothea and James Kennedy

Hail Mary~The Tree of Life
by Michael O'Neill McGrath

Straw Madonnas
by Rev. Marian Paskowicz

by G.E. Mullan

Mary and the Angels
by Cynthia Smith Stibolt

Expressions of Peace
by William F. Brown and Ralph St. Louis

Etchings on Biblical Themes
by Joan Bohlig

Religious Art Exhibition
by Melody Poltroneri

An Exhibition of Marian Art
by Joachim Wagner

Contemporary Art Exhibition
by Henry Setter

Faces of Our Lady
by Catholic Artists of the '90s

Paper Madonnas
by Dan Paulos

Japanese Madonnas
by the Carmelite Nuns of Japan

Dolomite Marian Images: An exhibition of Marian Statues and Bas Reliefs
by the Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem

Images of Faith
by Sharon Gill (Iconographer),
and Monica Sosaya Halford (Santera)

Mary, Shadow of the Savior
by Sister Mary Jean Dorcy
and Dan Paulos

by Patrick Pye

Marian Art Exhibition
by Marianists

Our Lady of Welcome
by Jeffrey and Anna Koh Varilla

New Testament Images
by Kirsten Malcolm Berry

Spirituality ... A Different View
by Fr. John B. Giuliani and
Northwest Coast Native Artists

Contemporary Marian Art
by Diane Thomas Lincoln

Contemporary Marian Art
by Beverly Stoller

Contemporary Marian Art
by Bro. Cletus Behlmann, S.M.

Marian Sculpture
by Rose Van Vranken

Contemporary Marian Art
by Tatiana McKinney

Parables of Life
by John August Swanson

Marian Icons
by Isabel Creixell

Ceramic Madonnas
by Saint Andrew's Abbey

Works on Paper: A Retrospective 1966-1990
by James Rosen

Earth Mother and Circles of Life
by Dede McKay

Marian Altarpieces
by Malaika Favorite, Kathleen
Girdler-Engler and Janice E. Williams

Images of Creation Rendered
in Copper Enamels and Stoneware

by Joan and Louis Weber

An Exhibition of
Contemporary Religious Art

by Robert Lentz

An Exhibition of
Contemporary Religious Art

by Keith Mueller

An Exhibition of Contemporary
Icons Re-imaging Mary

by Rosemary Luckett

Marian Art Exhibition of
Fabric Relief Sculpture

by Margaret Hays

Sacred Inspiration
Icons by Alek Rapoport

Sing of Mary; An Exhibition of
Woodcuts and Woodcarvings

by Robert McGovern

Woodcarved Icons
by John Solowianiuk

Apocalypse Revisited
by Devi Anne Moore

Icons of Mary
by Christine Granger

Visual Prayers
by Sister Mary Grace Thul, O.P.

Images of Mary
Contemporary Variations

various artists

Mary the Colorful One
by Bro. Cletus Behlmann, S.M.

Land of the Blue Virgins
by Mark Charleville

Engravings of Old Masters
Treasures of The Marian Library

Bouquet for Mary
Flowers Named in Honor of the Virgin

by A. Joseph Barrish, S.M

Love and Passion
Man of Sorrows - Mother of Compassion
by Ioana Datcu

Art for the Heart
Devotional Images of Mary from
the treasures of the the Marian Library

Names of Mary
Stained Glass Designs
by Sarah Hall

Mary, A Different Look
Mixed Media
by Tom Dusterberg

Archetypes of Faith
Monotypes and Works on Paper
by Constance Pierce

Mother of Peace
Prince of Peace
Child of Peace

by Peggy Stanton

A Devotee's Mary
by Mary Fought

In Search of Mary
by Georgia Armstrong Askew

From Russia with Love
by Tatiana Romanova Grant

A Journey with Mary
by Michael Montag

When Devotion Meets Art:
Statues of Our Lady

The Virgen de Guadalupe in Chicana Art
by Yolanda M. Lopez

Sisters and Their Habits
Pauline Money

Creating Marian Art:
A Mixed Media Approach

Kelly B. Johnson and
Shirley M. Harryman

Religious Folk Art From the Southwest:
Faces of Mary and the Saints (Images)

by Lydia Garcia

Also: Descriptive Text

The Madonnas of Europe
by Janusz Rosikon, Photographer

God Bless America
by John Solowianiuk

Iron Ladies: Mary and the Art of Metal
by Bro. Mel Meyer, S.M.

Native American Madonnas
by Dr. John Giuliani

Rosaries of the World
Donors: Mr. Mike Berhorst
and Father Robert Hughes

Exhibit of Marian Art
from Vatican Museums

The Little Saints Creches Exhibit

Golden Madonnas
by Marian Paskowicz

The Artist and The Bible
by Edward and Diane Knippers

Heaven on Earth
by Bro. Jerome Pryor, S.J.

Messengers from God
by Aka Pereyma

Acts of Kindness
by John Bach

Symbols of Grace
by Johann Leenheer

Sacred Dolls
by Dianne Marlene Hargitai

Blessed Art Thou
by by Michael ONeill McGrath

Polish Madonnas
by Wislawa Kwiatkowska

Song of Songs
by Henry Setter

Lost in the Beauty of Her Lord
by Sister Marie Pierre Semler

Dark and Beautiful
by Father Jim Hasse, S.J.

The Passion in Wood and Straw
by George A. Mikalauskas

Madonnas of the Morning Calm
Sacred Images from Korea

by O-Sek Bang

Mary, A Feminine Touch
by Beverly Stoller

The Nativity Through Children's Eyes
by Various Child Artists

Quilts from St. Simon's
Quilting Group in Cincinnati

Litany of Loreto

Holy Intimacy

Highly Favored Contemporary
Images of the Virgin Mary

by Twenty-nine Artists of the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Traditions

Sidney Matias
With the Eyes of the Heart

Christmas Variations

Exploration and Wonder

Paper Creches: The Baker Collection

When Words Become Pictures

Past into Present:
Images of Mary's Life

Seasons of Our Lady
Seasons of Our Lady
by Linda Schäpper

Mysteries of the Rosary
Mysteries of the Rosary
by Linda Schäpper

The Art of Illustration
Anne Simoneau

Glory Offerings - An Artist's Prayer

The Fairest of All

A Patrick Pye Retrospective

Icons of the Electronic Age
by Katherine Ann Osenga

When Purple Meets All Other Colors
by Darel L. Sparling

And Mary Alit in Postmodernity
by Melanie Weaver

Form Seeking Expression
by Christina Saj

Mother and Madonna:
Photography of Madonna and Child
by Nancy Campbell

Seething and Soothing: The Madonna Between Hope and Havoc - MB Hopkins

Narrative Enchantment:
Nativity Stories in Gold and Blue
Ruth Sanderson

Song of Songs:
In Memory of Henry Setter
(8.13.1929 - 1.21.2009)

When the Saints.....
Works on Copper
by Rosemary Scott-Fishburn

Pierce-Clark Exhibit
Wonder Works on Paper
by Donna Pierce-Clark

Pierce-Clark Exhibit
With Needle and Thread
by Nancy Goes

Pierce-Clark Exhibit
Exploration and Wonder
by Malaika Favorite

A Tribute to Alturo Olivas
Southern Charm
Southern Charm:
Bultos, Santos, and Nichos

Barbara Trauth:
Between Heaven and Earth

The Story of Savior In The Hidden Images of Biblical Events: Creative Images
Seeing the Savior
Seeing the Savior:
Images from the Life of Christ
– A CIVA Traveling Exhibition

Moved by the Spirit:
Artist Interpretations on the Life of Jesus

Louise Tessier, Curator

Faces and Flowers of Mary
by Marilyn Hart

Le Point Vierge:
Mary and the Catholic Imagination

by Wendy Wright and Dorothy Tuma

Where Art Meets Religion:
A Ned Ostendorf Retrospective

Beauty Given By Grace
by Sadao Watanabe

The Rosary Illustrated
by Margaret Werlinger

Koepnick's Marian Heritage
– Robert C. Koepnick

Psalms in Abstract
Psalms in Abstract
– Ann Williams

At the Manger Series
At the Manger
World Nativity Traditions


*All images are copyrighted by the artists.

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