Christmas Variations

Advent & Christmas 2007-2008


The Art of
Malaika Favorite

Christmas brings together people from all walks of life. It also allows for varied expressions and the cultural riches of many countries and periods. Thus, a potpourri of children’s drawings, paper crèches and paintings by Malaika Favorite, artist and writer, should not come as a surprise.

Children’s drawings remind us that there is a child in each one of us, hiding sometimes, waiting to be rediscovered. This experience frequently leads to the rediscovery of a sense of wonderment and spiritual simplicity. Measuring adult life against the boundless and creative freedom of a child’s mind is always an eye-opener about who we are and a challenge to our set ways. The children’s drawings on display this year were chosen among thousands of entries received through the Holy Childhood Association (HCA) in 2006. These winning designs, results of a national contest, are featured as printed Christmas cards and available at The Marian Library.

Paper crèches elicit a sense of fragility paired with tenderness. Fragility seeks tenderness; a special attention for a cherished heirloom or the loving care for time-worn preciosities. Our exhibit—together with a number of other nativity sets—shows a selection of Bill and Annie Baker’s antique paper crèches from Germany, Czech Republic, England and the U.S.A.

A special ingredient of this Christmas potpourri are the paintings of Malaika Favorite. A painter and writer, Malaika gives strong and colorful expression to the Word and his historical incarnation in his mother’s womb and arms, in his family and among his people and followers.

Paper Crèches of
Bill & Annie Baker

Winning Artwork of the Holy Childhood Association Contest

Mary Tells Joseph
by Malaika Favorite

Mary with Angelic Visions
by Malaika Favorite

Holy Family
by Malaika Favorite

She Shall Bring
Forth a Son

by Malaika Favorite

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