Exhibit ran June 29 - August 14, 2007

The one persistent trait of Christine Granger's art is the great intimacy one perceives in the relations between mother and child.  This intimacy, a truly holy intimacy, is a constant invitation to wonder and meditation.

Granger grew up in Toronto and has been painting icons, images representing a significant holy being or object, since 1980.  She is internationally acclaimed, and her icons can be found in many private and public collections, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

She uses a variety of media, including wax and egg tempura.  Currently, she works with acrylic colors and gold in a layering technique to build up textures, patterns and borders.  Her primary color palette includes includes reds, oranges, yellows and golds, colors usually associated with fire, light and the divine.

Her starting point is the Ukrainian and Byzantine icon tradition, and she sees her paintings as a joyful reaffirmation of the mystery of the incarnation.

Christine's art was published in two books inspiring  meditation.  The exhibit will display Granger's books, which include the



inspirational words from such spiritual sources as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, poet Rainer Maria Rilke and archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Granger states: "I have been painting icons for over twenty-five years. If I had a good voice I would sing in a gospel choir and thus rejoice and share the good news of Christ our Lord. I work in color instead, bringing new techniques and ideas to a tradition as old as Christendom. My work is found on posters and cards, and in public and private collections (e.g. at the Museum of Civilization, and the chapel at La Pieta in Hull). The book Mary, Mother of My Lord featuring twenty-eight of my icons was published in 1996 in English, French, and Spanish by Novalis Publishers, and in Italian by Biblioteca Vaticana.

Being an artist is a difficult calling. Our society is very materialistic and very secular. Everything is understood in dollars and cents. Art is not about money; it is not about selling. It is about seeing with the heart -- the beauty, order, excitement -- the wonder which is hidden in our world.  

We must use all our talents, all our “magic” to bring this to people. We must remain outside the norms and dictates of our “culture.” We are called to be the guardians of the spiritual, keepers of symbols, myths, and visions. We are called to be messengers, the heralds of God’s kingdom."  


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