Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Katherine Osenga recently earned a doctoral degree in art history and religion at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Her dissertation deals with Our Lady's veil in art through history. Katherine has traveled and lived throughout the world. She gained her Fine Arts degree from the University of San Francisco and later studied painting and art history in Florence and Rome, Italy. Her works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and are included in private collections in Anchorage, San Francisco, Rome and Oxford, England. Katherine welcomes the opportunity for commissioned work.

Though icon painter of an electronic age, which is amply demonstrated in some of the themes of Katherine's icons, she and her art are steeped in the age-old spirituality of this originally Byzantine form of art. Her profession of faith as artist and believer holds in these words:

"Icons are images that look for the transcendent. They begin with the beauty of the temporal world, but move beyond to the spiritual to speak of it in the silent language of sign and symbol. The aim of the icon is not to depict nature, but rather to depict the supernatural, and by doing so lift the viewer to the Transcendent One: God.

"I paint my icons with oil on wood, with gold leaf, various beads and found objects for decoration. I also participate in the long-standing traditional spiritual methods of icon making--fasting, praying and meditating on God and Scripture in order to create the art of the transcendent."

As she write on her website: "Icons are designed to communicate unseen spiritual realities . Through their symbolic framework they speak to us not only about God, but also about our own spiritual nature. Living in a culture that is based in our material well being, the icon is a refreshing reminder of our spiritual life. Once icons put this unseen reality before us, they move us to respond to God's action through prayer contemplation."

Katherine Osenga currently lives in Richmond, California. She is available to do commissions, icon retreats, and icon workshops. The artist can be reached at the following address:

5636 San Jose Avenue
Richmond, California

Works of Katherine Anne Osenga

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