He is Risen

He Qi presents us with art that connects us to the bible in a fresh, even surprising way.  He is both story-teller and evangelist.  He is not only preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also conveying message that transcends cultural types.  In seeking to de-westernize the Christian story, he is trying to open our eyes to the universal implications of the larger, all-encompassing narrative of God's love for all creation.

He Qi is, according to Far Eastern Economic Review, "arguably China's most internationally sought-after Christian artist."  His brilliant, colorful and highly contemporary paintings emerge unmistakably from ongoing Chinese contexts.

Dr. He was the first among mainland Chinese to earn a Ph.D. in Religious Art.  His work has been well-received in the world: He has exhibited in Kyoto, Hong Kong, Geneva, Hamburg, London, St. Paul, San Francisco and Berkeley, as well as in China.  His art work has been introduced through some main media such as: BBC (UK), ABC (US), Hong Kong Cable TV, Asian Week, Far Eastern Economic Review, Sing Tao Daily News, Christian Time (US and Hong Kong), Christianity and the Arts, Chimes, the Rose, Augsburg Fortress, Image, World Journal ....

Dr. He is a member of the Chinese Artist Association and a Board Member of Asian Christian Art Association, a professor of Nanjing Theological Seminary, a research fellow of Hong Kong Tao Fong Shan Christian Center and a former Artist-in-Residence of San Francisco Theological Seminary. 

For more information see the web site for the Asian Christian Art Association.

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