My Son, Oh, My Son

"My Son, Oh, my Son!" The Blood, nothing but the Blood unites all Christians: the Blood of Jesus, the Son of God, the Son of Mary. Oh, how she must have wept and wept for Her Son! My own sons, Matthew and Brian, are so precious to me. I would be devastated if I lost one of them. I have family members who have had to bury their
sons. It rips the heart into shreds. There is only one place of solace: The Father. However hard this is for us to handle; there is Hope: hope for a future in Heaven. There is a reuniting of loved ones. I have to hang on to that Eternal Hope. Have you lost a loved one recently? I pray you will grow to know this Hope in a very real and sustaining way and that you will be forever comforted knowing your loved one is in His Everlasting Arms. This painting was inspired by a recent trip to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, and based upon a photo I took of the Passion Play. What an inspiring visit I had.

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