Moved by the Spirit
Sept. 4 –28, 2012

In the exhibition, Moved by the Spirit, artists of different faith perspectives have been invited to take a journey in expressing their art in sacred terms surrounding significant events in the life of Jesus.

This group exhibition, curated by Louise Tessier, brings together twelve artists working in clay, wood, textiles, paper, glass, painting, jewelry and iconography. Each artis has interpreted an event in the life of Jesus within his or her own artistic style and through his or her own faith experience.

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Through these original works of art, the viewer will be taken on the journey of Jesus from heaven...
Fulmore as He is born of Mary, depicted in a set of three rug hookings;
Komendant His Early Years in the Temple through two scrolls and a manuscript;
Stefan His Baptism, depicted through a glass and concrete bowl;
Driscoll His First Miracle at Cana through a clay pitcher;
Zawacki His Sermon on the Mount (The Beatitudes) through a silver neckpiece;
Goretzky His Feeding of the 5000 through a clay sculpture;
Hergert His Transfiguration through a wall hanging;
His Raising of Lazarus from the Dead through a wood funeral urn;
Ventura His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem through a stained glass;
Tessier His Last Supper, Crucifixion and Resurrection through the 14 Stations of the Cross depicted in a set of 15 ceramic tiles;
Lopez His Resurrection Appearances encountering doubting Thomas as seen through an acrylic painting; and
Ward His Ascension "into heaven" in glory as represented in a Russian-style icon.
Tessier Lastly, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is honored in a large rug hooking as "Our Lady of the Prairies."
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