Moved by the Spirit

Metamorpho: The Transfiguration of Christ

Event: The Transfiguration

Artist: Anna Hergert, Buffalo Pound, Saskatchewan

Wall hanging (triptych) created using hand dyed cotton, polyester and silk fabrics, acrylic paints and metallic, rayon and cotton threads; machine pieced, appliquéd and embellished


Artist Biography

Born and educated in Germany, I was exposed to fibre art at an early age. Handwork was a regular part of the weekly school curriculum, and my passion for art and textiles became a lifelong pursuit.

Originally an Early Childhood Education graduate, my path rarely took me too far away from creating and sharing new skills in the fibre arts field. Teaching handwork at the Calgary Waldorf School, operating The Fibre Hut for ten years in Calgary's NW, teaching spinning and knitting constitute only a few stepping stones that eventually led me to obtaining diplomas in Art, Design, Contemporary Embroidery as well as Patchwork and Quilting from London City and Guilds.

This lifelong focus on the arts makes me a passionate and committed artist, teacher, lecturer and writer. In 2001, I committed to establishing myself as a full-time professional artist. Since 2003, my work has traveled further and visited more exotic countries than I have. Korea in 2007 and 2009 and Quilt National '09 is just a couple of the intersting places where my work has been showcased. Commissions can be found in Canadian, U.S. and European homes and public spaces.

In 2007 my husband and I packed up our household and moved from the big city to rural Saskatchewan where we made our home just north of Moose Jaw at Buffalo Pound Lake. When I am not traveling to lecture or teach, I create art in my dream studio overlooking the breath taking scenery that serves as a constant source of inspiration.


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