Moved by the Spirit

Luke 2:41-52

Event: The Boy Jesus in the Temple

Artist: Kristina Komendant, Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan; Tim Squires (columns)

Calligraphy in Greek and English on papyrus scrolls; gouache pigments and 23K gold gilding on deerskin vellum made by artist; maple and alder wood hand-routered temple columns by Tim Squires


Artist Biography

"Life's journey is one's self journey to a place where your mind and body is at rest with itself. You may have been born in the wrong place and you will journey to the place where you belong." –Carol Shields

And so it would be for Kristina Komendant. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Kristina always knew she would journey to another place. The prairie landscape with its quiet beauty, wide-open spaces and radiant sunsets captured her heart and spirit in 1978 and the prairies would become her new home place.

Her interest in both arts and sciences had her complete a B.A. at the University of Guelph and a diploma in Biotechnology from SIAST, Saskatoon Campus. After working as a research science technician for a number of years on the U of S Campus, she decided to return to her interest in art and art-making. At that time, her marriage gave her security and privilege to pursue her art full-time as a small business.

As a calligrapher primarily, she undertook a wide variety of calligraphy commissions, participated in craft and trade shows, taught children and adults in the school system as well as conducted private classes and workshops from her studio space. Participation in group gallery shows was another avenue to display her artworks.

Kristina's love of language and letters continues today, though part-time. Her main focus is on calligraphy commisions and participation in group gallery shows. You will find her letters and words flourishing on her hand-marbled papers or on deerskin vellum as illuminated pages and within artists' books.

"As a lover of verse, I like to explore the essence of words and strive to bring them to life in my own individual way. I am still asking many questions, and, therefore, searching for that ephemeral, singular and novel letter. My journey as an artist continues."


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