Moved by the Spirit

Peace be with you

Event: Resurrection Appearances of Jesus to Thomas

Artist: Roberto Lopez, Regina, Saskatchewan

Acrylic painting on canvas



Artist Biography

Roberto was born on November 7, 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He grew up in the small ranch town of Palo Alto. His father, Carlos, was a teacher and a rancer, and a real inspiration to Roberto. He has retired from teaching, but still loves to work the land and train his horses. His mother, Ofelia, worked hard raising Roberto and his twelve siblings, and maintaining the beautiful home where they still reside today.

Roberto has always been a free spirit. He spent much of his youth traveling from town to town and from adventure to adventure. When he was 21 he went to live and work in Mazatlan where he awaited a call to work with the cruise lines. While living in Mazatlan, he met Andrea, a Canadian spending the winter down South. He came to Canada with Andrea in June 2000 and they were married in July. Roberto began painting that winter when he did not yet have a Canadian working Visa. He discovered a natural talent and true love for art. In 2005, Rio was born, their son and pride and joy. Roberto now lives on his own in Regina where he focuses most of his spare time on his real passion – painting. His muse is his beautiful son Rio. Roberto has an incredible natural talent which he enjoys exploring further with each piece he creates.


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