Some Symbols in Monica Liu’s Paintings

Monica Liu (Liu Ho-Pei)

About Artist:

Monica Liu is an award-winning artist and a master of Chinese brush painting. She is a professor of Art History and the author of numerous articles on theology and art. Monica was born in Peking, China. She and her parents resettled in Taiwan. She studied art with Prince Pu Juh, renowned painter and cousin of the last emperor of China. Monica and her family converted to Catholicism shortly after their arrival in Taiwan. In Taiwan, Monica was introduced to Cardinal Constantini, a papal diplomat, promoter and patron of inculturated art. He encouraged Monica to continue painting religious themes and inspired her to travel to Rome and study Western painting. Monica Liu's Christian theme paintings are meditations that witness inculturated faith. Monica spends half of her year teaching at Fu Jen University department of arts in Hsinchuang, Taipei, Taiwan and the remainder of the year she resides in, USA.

Professor Monica uses mostly the calligraphy Chinese style of painting, that is to say, the colored pencil and color ink with brushes. Her imageries and symbols are typically Chinese. Her canvas is mostly rice paper. We choose only paintings that have a Marian theme. We will present them accordingly.

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Mary and the Children

Our Lady of Peace

Mary, Helper of the Church

Our Lady of Justice

The Nativity Scene

The Epiphany

Mary at the Upper Room

Mary at the Wedding Feast of Cana

Mary Is the Companion of the Afflicted

Queen of Peace, Pray for Us

The Visit of the Magi

Chinese Seat of Wisdom

Our Lady, Queen of China

Mary and Holy Spirt

Cana Wedding

Jesus, Friend of all

Resurrection of Christ

Mary, the Rose of Sharon

Mary with the Children


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