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Single Artist Exhibits

A - E

Georgia Armstrong Askew
A. Joseph Barrish
O-Sek Bang
Bro. Cletus Behlmann, S.M. (1990)
Bro. Cletus Behlmann, S.M. (1999)
Kirsten Malcolm Berry
Joan Bohlig
Nancy L. Campbell
Mark Charleville
Isabel Creixell
Sister Evangeline Doyle, O.P.
Tom Dusterberg
Epinal Images 2000
Epinal Images 2005

F - H

Mary Fought
Christine Granger
John Giuliani
Ioana Datcu
Malaika Favorite(2007-2008)
Malaika Favorite(1992)
Nancy Goes
Lydia Garcia
Christine Granger
Sarah Hall
Marilyn Hart
Fr. Jim Hasse
Margaret Hays
MB Hopkins

K - Mc

Robert C. Koepnick
Wislawa Kwiatkowska

Robert Lentz
Diane Thomas Lincoln
Yolanda Lopez
Rosemary Luckett
Robert McGovern
Michael O'Neill McGrath 1995
Michael O'Neill McGrath 2005
DeDe McKay
Janet McKenzie
Tatiana McKinney

Mo - Pr

Pauline Money
Michael Montag
Devi Anne Moore
Keith Mueller
G.E. Mullan
Alturo Olivas
Jan Oliver
Ned Ostendorf
Ned Ostendorf Retrospective
Rev. Marian Paskowicz
Dan Paulos
Aka Pereyma
Constance Pierce
Donna Pierce-Clark
Melody Poltroneri
Jerome Pryor

Py - Se

Patrick Pye
Alek Rapoport
Elizabeth Rea
Tatiana Romanova-Grant
James Rosen
Janusz Rosikon
Ruth Sanderson
Christina Saj
Linda Schäpper (Seasons...Our Lady)
Linda Schäpper (Mysteries...Rosary)
Rosemary Scott-Fishburn
Henry Setter (1991)
Henry Setter (2005)
Henry Setter (2011)

John Solowianiuk 1998
John Solowianiuk 2002
Anne Simoneau
Peggy Stanton
Cynthia Smith Stibolt
Beverly Stoller
John August Swanson
Sister Mary Grace Thul, O.P.
Barbara Trauth
Dorothy Tuma
Rose Van Vranken
Joachim Wagner
Sadao Watanabe
Melanie Weaver
Margaret Werlinger
Wendy Wright

*All images are copyrighted by the artists.

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