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One of the principal missions of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute is to be an international center of research and study in Marian theology and on the role of Mary in Christian life, religion, and culture.


History and Mission

Research and Method
A Short History

Developing a Proposal

The Mission of the Marian Library/
International Marian Research Institute
Presenting the Proposal
STL Thesis
The Virgin Mary in Intellectual
and Spiritual Formation
STD Dissertation
Time Limit for Completion
Degrees Admission/Financial Information
Pontifical Degrees (STL, STD)

Admission into the Program

Master's Degree in Theological Studies Registration
Certificate in Marian Studies Financial Information
Certificate in Marianist Studies  
  Rights and Duties

Freedom of Access

Program Cycle

Academic Rights and Duties
Program of Courses  
Course Descriptions

Contact Us
or call 937-229-1474
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Online Inquiry Form


General Requirements

Specific Requirements


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