An Artistís Prayer


An exhibit of works by

Margaret Werlinger

Nov. 18 through Jan. 16, 2008

Artistís Statement

Growing up on a farm in western Minnesota, I acquired a love of nature and its never-ending beauty which are the main inspiration for my Bro. Bill Fackovec, Ms. Werlinger, & Sr. Jean Friskpaintings. While attending Southwest State University in Marshall, MN, I enrolled in art history and general art courses. Over the past several years I have attended  many workshops with established artists who taught me techniques in nature painting which encompass people, landscapes, and flowers.

A milestone in my career happened when Gina B. Designs accepted several of my art images for greeting card reproductions. They now appear in gift and stationary shops.

A major milestone was ten years ago when I submitted one of my watercolor designs to Pro-Life Across America for their Annual Christmas Card. They accepted and now, each year I submit one or two designs and they reproduce them for one of their fund-raisers.

I give thanks and praise to God for my talent. My relationship with God has shown me how blessed I am and I see that my talent has a purpose. When I paint these scenes after reading the stories and reflecting, I feel I am part of the scene that is developing before me. It is very rewarding to see how people respond to my painting of Jesus' life.

To God be the gloryÖ



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