After the successfully defended dissertation at IMRI:

1.       Make the revisions specified by the committee and submit for approval.

2.       Print out and hand in one  bound “matrix” copy of the revised dissertation with the following format:

a.       Spiral bound in one or more sections or more professionally done if you prefer

b.      8 ½ by 11 inches page size with 1 inch margins on all 4 sides

c.       Title page should follow the example provided.

d.      Single-sided pages with double-spaced text

e.      Page numbering is sequential with no blank pages in between chapters.  Be consistent with numbers either at the top or bottom, outside corners or otherwise.

f.        After the cover page, add a page for the committee members to sign (provided by IMRI).

g.       Table of Contents should provide numbers for both the chapter titles and the chapter subtitles in proper outline format (and these title and subtitle numbers should also be given in the text).

h.      Be consistent with either one or two spaces after periods, hyphens, etc.

i.         Times New Roman font with:

                                                               i.       Text in size 12, including the indented quotes.

                                                             ii.      Chapter titles bolded and enlarged, either in size 14 or 16, and subtitles also bolded in size 13 or 14.  It is optional to capitalize everything in the titles and subtitles.

                                                            iii.      Footnotes in size 9.

3.       Write a summary of the dissertation for the Mary page (approximately 200-250 words, see examples on the website).  The summary should explain the particular and original contribution of the dissertation and provide the number of pages of the 8 ½ by 11 print-out of the matrix copy.  This abstract should be sent in electronically in Word format to

4.       Then to have IMRI submit your dissertation to OH link abstracts and UMI digital Dissertation Abstracts, submit to:

5.       Publish the dissertation within one year of the defense.

a.       There are no requirements for the cover design and color.

b.      Add in the nihil obstat and imprimatur page (provided by IMRI).

c.       In the Back Matter, an index of subjects and people is preferred whether it is printed offset or by a professional publisher.

d.      Page size should be 6 ½ by 9 ½ inches or 17 cm X 24 cm, with 1 inch margins on all four sides.

e.      The text is to be single-spaced and double-sided with or without extra lines between paragraphs (be consistent).

f.        The publisher will determine:

                                                               i.      Font sizes, although Times New Roman is still preferred

                                                             ii.      Footnotes or endnotes as the publisher wishes.

IMRI gets 6 hard copies and 1 digital copy (pdf or Word) of the offset or professionally published copy.  The Marianum gets 6 (six) copies (3 packs of 2) and one CD of the published dissertation.