Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
May 2013

May 1 – On St. Joseph the Worker – Translated beginning of the General Audience address (May 1, 2013,

Today, the 1st of May, we … begin the month traditionally dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During this encounter, I would thus like to reflect on these two important figures in the life of Jesus, of the Church and in our lives, with two brief thoughts: the first regarding work, the second on the contemplation of Jesus.

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May 4 – Pope Francis' Meditation at Basilica of St. Mary Major – Translated extract (May 05, 2013,

… I thank you, brothers and sisters, who have come today to pray to Our Lady, the mother, the "Salus Populi Romani" (Salvation/Health of the Roman People). Because tonight we are here before Mary. We have prayed under her maternal guidance that she might direct us to be ever more united with her Son Jesus; we have brought her our joys and our sufferings, our hopes and our problems; we have invoked her with the title "Salus Populi Romani," asking for all of us, for Rome, for the world that she might give us health. Mary gives us health, she is our health.

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May 5 – Pope Francis' Homily at Sunday Mass for Day of Confraternities – Translated excerpt (May 05, 2013,

… when you express profound devotion for the Virgin Mary, you are pointing to the highest realization of the Christian life, the one who by her faith and obedience to God's will, and by her meditation on the words and deeds of Jesus, is the Lord's perfect disciple (cf. Lumen Gentium, 53).

May 5 – On the Journey of Faith – Translated beginning of the Regina Coeli address (May 05, 2013,

In this moment of profound communion in Christ we also feel the presence of the Virgin Mary living among us. It is a maternal, familiar presence, especially for you who belong to the confraternaties. Love for the Madonna is one of the characteristics of popular piety, which must be valued and directed. For this reason I invite you to meditate on the last chapter of the second Vatican Council's constitution on the Church, "Lumen gentium," which speaks precisely of Mary in the mystery of Christ and the Church. There it is stated that Mary "advanced in the pilgrimage of faith" (58). Dear friends, in the Year of Faith I present this portrait of Mary the pilgrim, who follows the Son Jesus and precedes all of us in the journey of faith.

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May 6 – Pope's Address to Pontifical Swiss Guards – Translated conclusion (May 06, 2013,

… I commend each of you and your valuable service to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary …

May 8 – Pope's Address to Women Religious Superiors: "What would the Church be without you? She would lack maternity, affection, tenderness!" – Translated extracts of the address to the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) (May 08, 2013,

Be mothers, as the figure of Mother Mary and of the Mother Church. Mary cannot be understood without her maternity; the Church cannot be understood without her maternity and you are icons of Mary and of the Church…

Be joyful, because it is beautiful to follow Jesus, it is beautiful to become living icons of Our Lady and of our hierarchic Holy Mother Church.

May 8 – On the Blessed Trinity – Translated extract of the General Audience (May 8, 2013,

This time of grace ends with the feast of Pentecost, in which the Church relives the outpouring of the Spirit upon Mary and the Apostles gathered in prayer in the Cenacle.

(Comments in Italian)

In particular, I greet … the pilgrims of Roiate and Conversano, respectively crowning the Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace) and the Madonna della Fonte (Our Lady of the Spring); and devotees of the sanctuary of Ravanusa, celebrating the Marian Jubilee.

Today, 8 May, there rises the intense prayer of "Supplication to our Lady of the Rosary" of Pompeii, composed by Blessed Bartolo Longo. We join spiritually in this popular act of faith and devotion, so that through the intercession of Mary, the Lord may grant mercy and peace to the Church and to the whole world.

Finally, an affectionate thought to the young people, the sick and newlyweds. May the mother of Jesus educate you, dear young people, in the courage to make definitive choices; may she help you, dear sick people, especially those of Unitalsi of Rome and the "Emme Due" of Sessa Aurunca, to accept suffering with love; and may she be a model for you, dear newlyweds, to build in loyalty your marital union.

May 8 – Condolence Telegram to Victims of Tragic Explosion in Ecatepec, Mexico – Translated extract of a telegram sent by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, sent on behalf of the Holy Father (May 8, 2013,

…the Supreme Pontiff, while calling upon the sweet name of Our Lady of Guadalupe, wholeheartedly imparts to all the comfort of the apostolic blessing as a sign of hope in the Risen Christ.

May 10 – Pope Francis' Address to Coptic Pope Tawadros II – Translated excerpt (May 10, 2013,

… they [our Churches] recognized a mutual bond in their common devotion to the Mother of God.

May 12 – Pope's Homily on Canonization of Saints – Translated conclusion (May 12, 2013,

… Let us ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary … that the Lord fill our lives with the joy of his love.

May 12 – On the Newly Canonized Saints – Translated conclusion of the Regina Coeli address (May 12, 2013,

With filial love we turn now to the Virgin Mary, mother and model of all Christians.

May 15 – On the Work of the Holy Spirit – Translated extracts of the General Audience (May 15, 2013,

Let us think of Mary, who "kept all these things and pondered them in her heart "(Lk 2:19.51). The welcoming of the words and truths of faith in order that they may become life, happens and grows under the action of the Holy Spirit. In this sense we must learn from Mary, reliving her "Yes," her total willingness to receive the Son of God in her life, which from that moment onwards is transformed.

(Comments in Italian)

… I commend you and your communities to the maternal intercession of the Holy Virgin who is venerated with the title of "Our Lady of Bonaria". In this regard, I would like to announce to you that I wish visit the Sanctuary in Cagliari - almost certainly in September – because between the city of Buenos Aires and Cagliari there is brotherhood because of an old story. At the very moment of the Foundation of the city of Buenos Aires, its founder wanted to name it "City of the Holy Trinity, but the sailors who had brought him down there were Sardegnians and they wanted to call it "City of Our Lady of Bonaria". There was a dispute between them and eventually they found a compromise, as a result of which the name of the city became a long one: "City of the Holy Trinity and Port of Our Lady of Bonaria". But being so long, what remained are the last two words: Bonaria, Buenos Aires, in remembrance of your icon of our Lady of Bonaria.

… Lastly, I greet the young people, the sick and newlyweds. During this month of May, dear young people, strive to imitate the young girl of Nazareth, Mary. She will help you to be simple, pure in heart and bring a ray of happiness where there is sadness and loneliness. For you, dear sick ones, I wish for you to live out, with the help of Mary, your situation with confident abandonment to the Lord, God of all consolation.

May 17 –Pope's Address to Directors of Pontifical Missionary Societies – Translated conclusion (May 17, 2013,

Invoking Mary, Star of the Evangelization, I make my own the words of Pope Paul VI: "may the world of our time, which seeks now in anguish, now in hope, to receive the Good News not from sad and discouraged evangelizers, impatient and anxious, but from ministers of the Gospel, whose lives radiate fervor, who have first received in themselves the joy of Christ, and accept to put their own lives at stake so that the Kingdom may be preached and the Church be implanted in the heart of world» (Apost. exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi, 80).

May 18 – Pope's Q-and-A With Movements: "Don't forget: never a closed Church, but a Church that goes out"  – Translated extract of the Pope's answer (May 21, 2013 (

… pray also to Our Lady and ask her that, as Mother, she make me strong. This is what I think about fragility, at least it's my experience. One thing that makes me strong every day is to pray the Rosary to Our Lady. I feel such great strength because I go to her and I feel strong.

May 19 – Pope Francis' Homily at Pentecost Mass – Translated conclusion (May 19, 2013,

Today too, as at her origins, the Church, in union with Mary, cries out:Veni, Sancte Spiritus!

May 19 – On Pentecost – Translated extracts of Regina Coeli address (May 19, 2013,

…We relived the experience of the nascent Church, united in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
… May … Our Lady protect you!

May 22 – On the Mission of the Church – Translated extracts of the comments after the General Audience (May 22, 2013,

Finally, an affectionate thought to the young people, the sick and newlyweds. May the Virgin Mary, dear young people, be a teacher of tenderness and love; may she sustain you, dear sick ones, especially the thalassemici italiani di Roma [the Rome chapter of an Italian association for the care of persons suffering from Talassemia, -ed.], in the hardest moments of solitude and suffering; and may she be an example for you, dear newlyweds, to live your marital relationship in unity and harmony.


Friday, May 24 is the day dedicated to the liturgical Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, help of Christians, worshipped with great devotion at the shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai.

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May 22 – Pope Francis' Address During Visit to "Casa Dono di Maria" – Translated extracts – (May 22, 2013,

… Today I would like to pause on three words that are familiar to you: house, gift and Mary.

…3. There is, finally, one last characteristic of this House: it qualifies itself as a gift "of Mary." The Holy Virgin made of her existence an incessant and beautiful gift to God, because she loved the Lord. Mary is an example and a symbol for those who live in this House, and for all of us, to live charity to our neighbor not out of some sort of social duty, but beginning from the love of God, from the charity of God. And also – as we heard from Mother --, Mary is she who takes us to Jesus and who teaches us how to go to Jesus; and the Mother of Jesus is ours and makes a family with us and with Jesus.

…May the Virgin Mary always watch over you, …

May 24 – Pope's Address to Pontifical Council for Migrants: "In a world where there is so much talk of rights, it seems the only one that has them is money" – Translated conclusion (May 24, 2013,

… I invoke upon each of you the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy, may she illumine your reflection and your action.

May 24 – Pope's Address to Italian Bishops Conference  – Translated extract (May 24, 2013,

… here, I place you, and I place myself, too, under the mantle of Mary, Our Mother.

Mother of the silence that preserves the mystery of God, deliver us from the idolatry of the present, to which those who forget are condemned. Purify the eyes of pastors with the balm of memory: that we might return to the freshness of the beginning, for a praying and penitent Church.

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May 26 – On the Most Holy Trinity – Translated conclusion of the Angelus adress (May 26, 2013,

Let us place our praises in the hands of the Virgin Mary. She, the most humble of creatures, through Christ has already arrived at the goal of the earthly pilgrimage: she is already in the glory of the Trinity. Because of this Mary our Mother, Our Lady, shines for us as a sign of sure hope. She is the Mother of hope; on our journey, on our road, she is the Mother of hope. She is also the Mother who consoles us, the Mother of consolation and the Mother who is with us on the journey. Now we all pray to Our Lady together, our Mother who accompanies us on the journey.

[Comments afterwards] I greet the group of Chinese Catholics who are present, who have gathered in Rome to pray for the Church in China, invoking the intercession of Mary Our Help.

May 26 – Pope's Homily During Mass at Sts. Elizabeth and Zechariah Parish in Rome – Translated beginning (May 26, 2013,

The pastor's words made me think of a beautiful thing about Our Lady. When Our Lady, just having received the announcement that she would be the mother of Jesus, and the announcement that her cousin Elizabeth was expecting, the Gospel says, she set out in haste; she did not wait. She did not say to herself, "But I'm pregnant now, so I had better look after my health. My cousin will have friends who perhaps will help her." She heard something and she "set out in haste." It is lovely to think about these actions of Our Lady, our Mother, who sets out in haste, because it tells us about helping. She goes to help, she does not go to boast and say to her cousin: "Now listen, I'm in charge now because I am God's mamma!" No she did not do that. She went to help! And Our Lady is always like this. She is our Mother, who always comes in haste when we need help. It would be nice to add to the litanies of Our Lady one that says "Lady who sets out in haste, pray for us!" This is beautiful, isn't it? Because she always goes in haste she does not forget her children. And when her children are in difficulty, have a need and they call upon her, she goes in haste. And this makes us safe, the safety of always having our mother near, at our side. We go, we travel better in life when we have our mamma near. Let us think about this grace of Our Lady, this grace that she gives us: of being with us, but without making us wait. Always! She is – we have confidence in this – there to help us. Our Lady who always goes in haste, for us.

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May 29 – On the Church as the Family of God – Translated comments after the General Audience (May 29, 2013,

I turn, finally, to you, dear young people, the sick and newlyweds. In this last audience of the month of May, my thoughts go spontaneously to Mary, bright star of our Christian walk. May we make constant reference to her to find in her intercession and in the examples of her life inspiration and sure guidance in our daily pilgrimage of faith.

May 29 – Pope Francis Writes to Parish Priest Friend in Argentina: States He Lives in Domus Sanctae Marthae To Avoid Being Isolated – Translated conclusion (May 29, 2013,

May …the Holy Virgin look after you.

May 31 – Address of Holy Father Francis: Recital of the Holy Rosary for the Conclusion of the Marian Month of May – Translated beginning (

This evening we have prayed together with the Holy Rosary; we have retraced several events of Jesus' journey, of our salvation, and we have done so with the One who is our Mother, Mary, the One who guides us with a sure hand to her Son Jesus. Mary always guides us to Jesus.

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