Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
April 2013

Apr. 1 – On Christ's Victory in My Life:  Francis' Address for Easter Monday – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (April 02, 2013,

… We pray together, … through the intercession of Mary Most Holy, that the Paschal mystery might work deeply in us and in our time, in order that hatred give way to love, lies to the truth, revenge to forgiveness, sadness to joy.

Apr. 7 – On Easter Faith:  "We must not be afraid to be Christians and to live as Christians!" – Translated conclusion of Regina Coeli address (April 08, 2013,

…Let us pray to the Virgin Mary that she help us, bishop and people, to walk together in faith and charity, always confident in the mercy of the Lord: …

Apr. 8 – Humility, Martyrdom Among Francis' Homily Reflections: Invites Praying: "Lord, Thank You So Much for My Faith" – Translated extracts of Annunciation homily (April 08, 2013,

…the road taken by Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem for the imperial census was a road of humility. There was the humility of Mary, who "did not understand well," but "[entrusted] her soul to the will of God." Joseph was humble, as he "lowered himself" to take on the "great responsibility" of the bride who was with child.

Apr. 10 – On Christ's Resurrection – Translated comment after the General Audience (April 10, 2013,

… May the Virgin Mary inspire your mind, dear young people, so that you may always listen to and put into practice the will of the Lord; may she warm your hearts, dear sick people, to offer your suffering for the good of the Church; and may she lead you, dear newlyweds, to recognize the presence of God and of His love in your new family life.

Apr. 11 – Holy Father’s Condolences on Death of Cardinal Lorenzo Antonetti – Translated conclusion (April 11, 2013, VIS).

… I pray fervently to the Lord Jesus that He, through the Virgin Mary, may give the late cardinal the eternal reward promised to his faithful disciples. …

Apr. 11 – Pope's Address to the Papal Foundation – Translated conclusion (April 12, 2013,

With great affection I commend you and your families to the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, …

Apr. 12 – Pope Francis' Address to Members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission – Translated conclusion (April 12, 2013, )

.… May the Virgin Mary, model of docility and obedience to the Word of God, teach you to receive fully the inexhaustible richness of Sacred Scripture not only through intellectual research, but in prayer and in all your life of believers, above all in this Year of Faith, so that your work contributes to make the light of Sacred Scripture shine in the heart of the faithful.

Apr. 14 – Pope Remembers Persecuted Christians at the Regina Coeli – Translated conclusion (April 14, 2013, VIS).

… Praying the Regina Coeli together, we ask Mary Most Holy's assistance so that the Church throughout the world might proclaim, with sincerity and courage, the Lord's Resurrection, and might give effective witness to it with signs of fraternal love.

Apr. 15 – Francis Condemns Calumny as Work of Satan:  At Morning Mass, Pope Remembers Martyrs – Translated extracts from homily (April 15, 2013,

… this age of “such great spiritual turmoil” reminds him of an ancient Russian icon that depicts Our Lady covering the people of God with her mantle: "We pray to Our Lady to protect us, and in times of spiritual turbulence the safest place is under the mantle of Our Lady. She is the mother who takes care of the Church. And in this time of martyrs, she is the protagonist, the protagonist of protection: She is the Mother. (...) Let us state with faith: Mother, the Church is under your protection: Care for the Church.”

Apr. 14 – Pope Francis' Homily at St. Paul Outside the Walls – Translated conclusion (April 15, 2013,

… May the Blessed Virgin Mary … help us on this journey and intercede for us.

Apr. 21 – On the Good Shepherd – Translated conclusion of the Regina Coeli address (April 21, 2013,

… And let us invoke Mary’s intercession. … Let us invoke Mary’s intercession, she who is the Woman of “Yes.” Mary said “Yes” her whole life! She learned to recognize Jesus’ voice from the time she carried him in her womb. Mary our Mother, help us to recognize Jesus’ voice always better and to follow it to walk along the path of life! … Let us all pray together to Our Lady.

(Comments after the Regina Coeli) … Let us join together in a prayer full of hope for Venezuela, placing her in the hands of Our Lady of Coromoto. …

Apr. 22 – Message to Eucharistic Congress of Costa Rica – Translated conclusion (April 22, 2013, VIS).

… the Supreme Pontiff entrusts to the loving protection of Our Lady of the Angels, the pastors and faithful who have made the pilgrimage to the House of the Father in Costa Rica. …

Apr. 28 – On the Gift of the Spirit – Translated extracts of the Regina Coeli address (April 28, 2013,

… I would like to entrust the confirmandi and all of you to Our Lady. The Virgin Mary teaches us what it means to live in the Holy Spirit and what it means to welcome the newness of God in our life. She conceived Jesus by the work of the Spirit, and every Christian, each one of us, is called to welcome the Word of God, to welcome Jesus in ourselves and then bring Him to everyone. Mary invoked the Spirit with the Apostles in the upper room: every time that we come together in prayer, we are supported by the spiritual presence of the Mother of Jesus, to receive the gift of the Spirit and to have the ability to bear witness to the risen Jesus. I say this in a special way to you who have received Confirmation today: may Mary help you to be attentive to that which the Lord asks of you, and always to live and to walk according to the Holy Spirit!

… Now in the Easter light, fruit of the Spirit, we turn together to the Mother of the Lord.

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