A triptych is a painting or carving that has three side-by-side parts, panels, or canvases. Typically, a triptych has three hinged panels, the two outer panels designed so that they can be folded in towards the central one.

This was a common form for an altarpiece during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The outer parts of such triptychs were usually hinged to the central panel and could be closed over it.

Each of Celeste's triptych panels represents a Biblical passage.

Verum (Truth)

Pulchrum (Beauty)

Bonum (Goodness)

The Tryptich

Fabric collage on doors

Verum 20" x 26"
Pulchrum 26" x 38"
Bonum 20" x 26"


Past into Present:
Images of Marys Life

is showing April 3 through
June 27 in

The Marian Library Gallery

The exhibit is free and open to the public.


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