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Program of Courses

The pontifical program (STL, STD) comprises introductory, core, and special courses. The credits* are quarter credits.

INTRODUCTORY MRI 600 Introduction to Contemporary Mariology (1 cr)
COURSES MRI 601 Research and Bibliography (1 cr)
MRI 602 Methods in Theology (1 cr)
MRI 603 Monographic Study of Marian Texts (1 cr)

CORE COURSES MRI 610 Mary and the Old Testament and Inter-testamentary Period
MRI 611 Mary and the New Testament
MRI 612 Mary and the Apocrypha
MRI 620 Christ in Patristic Period
MRI 621 Church in Patristic Period
MRI 622 Mary in Patristic Period
MRI 625 Mary in Medieval Period I
MRI 626 Mary in Medieval Period II
MRI 627 Mary in Modern Period I
MRI 628 Mary in Modern Period II
MRI 629 Mary in Contemporary Period I
MRI 630 Mary in Contemporary Period II
MRI 631 Marian Doctrine
MRI 632 Marian Spirituality and Devotion
MRI 633 Mary in Liturgy
MRI 634 Mary and the Church
MRI 636 Mary, Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue
MRI 638 Mary in Theological Anthropology
MRI 640 Ecclesiology
MRI 641 Christology (Soteriology)
MRI 642 Spirituality

SPECIAL COURSES# a) MRI 650 Special Marian Topics (1-3 crs)
MRI 652 Monographic Studies (1-3 crs)
b) MRI 654 Mary in Art (1-3 crs)
MRI 656 Mary in Music (1-3 crs)
MRI 658 Mary in Literature (1-3 crs)
c) MRI 660 Mary in Pastoral Theology and Catechesis (1-3 crs)
MRI 662 Mary in the Studies about the Holy Land (1-3 crs)
MRI 664 Mary and the Human Sciences (1-3 crs)

#The student must choose one special course from each one of the three groups (a-c).

DISSERTATION GUIDANCE MRI 790 Dissertation Guidance (12 crs)

MARIANIST COURSES MRI 670 Chaminade: Marian Apostle (1-3 crs)
MRI 671 Chaminade's Mariology (1-3 crs)
MRI 672 History of Marianist Spirituality (1-3 crs)
MRI 673 Adele de Trenquelleon and her Spirituality (1-3 crs)

* 3 quarter credits, unless otherwise noted.


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