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Founded in 1975 at the University of Dayton in affiliation with the Pontifical Theological Faculty Marianum in Rome, the academic program offers advanced pontifical degrees with specialization in Mariology: the doctorate in sacred theology (S.T.D.), the licentiate in sacred theology (S.T.L.), the master's degree in religious studies with a Marian concentration (in conjunction with the religious studies department at the University) and certificates in Marian Studies.

The development of the academic program is rooted in Paul VI's 1974 apostolic letter Marialis Cultus, which proposes a comprehensive approach to Marian Studies that includes attention to the biblical, liturgical, ecumenical and anthropological dimensions.


As an American affiliate of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology Marianum, our academic program is empowered to offer courses leading to the STL and STD degrees. Such programs of study are governed by the rules and directives issued by the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, and their application by the Marianum.


The University of Dayton offers in joint venture with the IMRI a master's degree in Theological Studies with a Marian concentration. The concentration in Marian Studies is available for those who take a minimum of twelve hours up to a maximum of sixteen hours of specially designated courses in Marian disciplines.


A Certificate Program is available for qualified students who do not wish to pursue the full rigors of the STL/STD courses of study, or who may be lacking in some of the basic requirements for admission into these programs. The Certificate Program involves basic courses (thirty-six quarter credits) giving a broad foundation in the study of Mariology and the writing of a research paper or project. The research paper (thirty pages) is elaborated under the direction of a moderator and must be original.

The Certificate Program is available as a guided studies program. The suggested time frame for the completion of the program is two to four years.


The Marianist Studies Program is open especially to Marianists, their affiliates, and to all those interested in learning more about the Marianist religious heritage. This program (thirty-six quarter credits) involves basic course work giving a broad foundation in the study of Mariology, specialized course work in the Marianist religious heritage, and the writing of a research paper (thirty pages) or project on a topic related to the Marianist religious heritage.

The certificate program in Marianist Studies is available as a guided studies program. The suggested time frame for the completion of the program is two to four years.


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