Barmettler Family
Swiss Santons

 Santons are messengers of people’s customs and concerns.  This nativity scene is a study in Swiss folklore.  It shows some of the historical trademarks of Switzerland:  the unforgettable Heidi, the accordion player, and the typical Swiss dairy farmer.  But the host of actors and actresses represent the folkloric costumes of various regions of Switzerland.  Most of them are from central Switzerland (Uri, Schwyz, Luzern), others from the northern regions (Zurich, Appenzell), still others from the southern (Wallis, Tessin) and western (Vaud, Fribourg) parts of the country.  All together, they form a colorful and impressive parade of Swiss folklore.  However, this nativity set presents a major challenge:  poor baby Jesus and parents beg to be sought and found.

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