Pascale Delorme
Alsatian Santons

Alsatia is a long and narrow strip of land in eastern France bordering Germany.  Its culture is a happy combination of the proverbial “joy of life” of France, and the hard-working and efficient character of Germany.  As in Provençal tradition, Alsatian Santons reflect various activities and model typical local costumes.  Exquisitely painted, they are the distinguished ambassadors of the Alsatian way of life.  Among the thirty-two clay figurines, you will find the lady with the cabbage cart (highlighting sauerkraut, the national dish), the girl carrying a Gugelhopf (typical Alsatian pastry) for baby Jesus, and the proud Strasbourg Belle dressed in her Sunday costume.  The holy couple in local attire looks much like the ordinary people they used to be in their time.  Holding each other in loving respect, they contemplate with pride the Son of God in his Alsatian cradle.

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