Sung June Yim

Bridge Builders



Sung June Yim is a ceramic artist from the Seoul region in South Korea.  Frequently he seeks artistic inspiration in early Korean history and Chinese literature.  The central characters of this set are Lady Mi and warrior Jo Ja Ryong from the Chinese classic, “The Three Dynasties.”  Lady Mi moves with her child through enemy territory.  She is wounded.  Jo Ja Ryong, the great warrior, rescues the baby but is forced to leave the mother behind.


Shepherds and magi are characters of the Ko Gu Ryo Dynasty (37 B.C.-668 A.D.).  They can be recognized by their dotted vestments.  The bowed figures with long sleeves pay respect to the baby, and the three mounted musicians, with their woodwind and percussion instruments welcome Him with a serenade.


Originally not intended as nativity, these typically cultural figures are bridge builders between peoples and their history.


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