[The Statue of Mother of God from Rocamadour]


by  Janusz Rosikon, Photographer

[Nicopeia-The Mother of God in Glory]

[The Statue of Mother of God from Walsingham]

[Our Lady of Knock]

[Our Lady of Hungary]

[Orante from Ravenna]

[Orante-Mother of God]

[Salus Populi Romani]

[Annunciation from Florence]


The exhibition MADONNAS OF EUROPE was presented for the first time during the International Mariological and Marian Congress in Czestochowa in August 1996 and during the International Eucharistic Congress in Wroclaw in May 1997, where it won the acclaim of its participants from all over the world.  The exhibition in Warsaw's Royal Baths (Lazienki Królewskie) was part of the celebrations of the four-hundredth anniversary of the capital city of Warsaw.  The exhibition was also shown in the Polish Parliament House.  It was also exhibited in the Castle of the Glogów, in the Castle in Bielsko-Biala, in Torn at Artus' Court, in Cracow, Katowice, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius (Lithuania), in London, and Oxford.  It was on display in over sixty Polish cities and was visited by over one hundred thousand people in six years.  The exhibition is still in motion.  


Presentation of Exhibit at the World Youth Days  in Toronto, July 2002 by author photographer Janusz  Rosikon
     "It is a great honor for me that the exhibition the Madonnas of Europe is in Toronto, and can be a part of the moment when lots of young pilgrims meet to see the Pope.  The exhibition is shown for the first time on the American continent, and from here it goes on it its next journey. 

     When on the thirteenth of December 1995, I've presented the project of the book the Madonnas of Europe, to Pope John Paul II in Vatican, today's situation would never come to my mind.  From that day I've traveled ninety thousand km, which is the distance from Toronto to Vancouver times thirty, and twice that by plane.  In other words I could make the tour of the world five times.

     Out of these trips the album Madonnas of Europe has been created.  It shows a different Europe from the one we know and see in press releases, news, etc.  I crossed Europe all the ways possible and everywhere those thousands of people come to share their happiness, sadness, to thank and to ask, just to be closer to Mary.  That's what is the connection to all pilgrims, and that, of course, not only in Europe, but also here, in Canada, where the sanctuaries play a big role in the history of your country. Focus yourselves on how people show their feelings in different countries.  In the countries full of sun, people express their feelings by singing, dancing, screaming, and the revealed joy.  But how different that is when we find ourselves in the cold and rainy places.  People keep most of their feeling to themselves; no matter if it's joy, or sadness, they pray in silence.  One is still common; they all seek the peace, security and Mary's love.  People always look for new paths, but finally they walk on those, which already have been taken by pilgrims, who meet from all nations for two thousands years.

     The album as well as the exhibition has for purpose to show the bounty of this devotion and also its similarities.

     The editor's as well as my dream is to make the World Madonnas, to include other countries like Canada, the United States, and the whole American continent.  With a great help I have traveled through Europe, now I would like to expand that experience and share it with you."

[Image of Our Lady of Passau]

[Mother of God from Asenovgrad]

[Statue of Virgin Mary of Loreto]

[La Macarena, the Virgin Mary of hope]

[Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes]

[Our Lady of Perpetual Succor]

[Statue of Smiling Madonna from Maastricht]

The Art Exhibit of the "Madonnas of Europe" will be on display from
 August 12 through September 27, 2002, Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30,
 or by special arrangements, (937) 229-1431.

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