Nova 5 Collectible
Cultural Diversity

 There are three angels in this black and white nativity set.  Angels play an important role at the birth of Christ.  There was a time when angels were participants in the heavenly dispute about the success of Christís mission.  Will humans accept him? Is it acceptable for God to adopt human nature?  A more classical tradition sees in the angels the witnesses of Christís supernatural origin.  Scripture presents them as messengers of the birth of Christ to the shepherds in the field.  But no limit is set to religious imagination:  angels may be musicians, playful companions for the Christ Child, arranged for battle around the manger or kneeling adoringly at the foot of the future Savior.  In this set, the angels play the role of announcing the coming of the Messiah and of adoring his hidden divinity. Being of black hair and faces, they highlight cultural diversity on earth as well as in heaven.

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